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*on all aluminum siding against rust or corrosion

*on pressure treated floor systems against terminates & rotting

*against defects in workmanship

Handi-Houses are laboratory tested, proven and meet the requirements of both the Southern Standard Building Code and the South Florida Building Code.

Our Handi-House floors are built with pressure treated joists, decked with tongue and groove plywood.

Floor joists are mounted on pressure treated skids, notched out for each joist to be set in place. This feature is concealed under the floor and is essential in the strength of any floor. Our larger buildings have 3 skids and treated joist, allowing the strongest floor system results.


Wood Frame Buildings (Wall & Rafters)-

*Constructed with 2′ x 4′ spruce lumber

proven to be straighter and cleaner than typical construction studs. We use 1′ x4 ‘ lumber for horizontal framing notched into the 2 x 4 framing. Wood frame buildings have an “extra” stud in each corner, for strength and rigidity.


Steel Stud Buildings-

Compute engineered, designed and framed with galvanized. Every piece of framing is specifically designed, engineered, cut and drilled for each individual building.

Frame pieces are then screwed together for precision.

Siding Options:

Aluminum, Galvalume Steel, Cedar, T1-11, Wood Siding and Vinyl Siding in several buildings styles

Roof Options:

Aluminum (standard w/choice of silver, white or beige). Asphalt shingles or Galvalume Steel.


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